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My name is Tom Enders I joined Lilium and the advisory board couple of months ago, and I spent almost thirty years in the aerospace industry, with quite a few years as the chief executive of Airbus.


The philosophy here is, frankly, if the wheel is already invented, why reinvent it? And these partners bring critical skills that accelerate the development of the Lilium business plan and accelerate Lilium coming to market.










I’m Mike Madsen, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace.


Honeywell’s role in this partnership goes far beyond selling systems to Lilium. We’re really a partner with Lilium. The exciting thing about this partnership is it brings together Lilium’s innovative vehicle design with Honeywell’s expertise in both state of the art avionics systems and fly by wire flight controls.


By having these systems working together and designed as a system, we’re going to reduce the certification schedule, risk, and cost.


We’re excited to work with Lilium, there’s a number of reasons why. First of all: the vehicle design. It brings inherent redundancy to the system, which we know is going to enable safety and simplify the certification efforts. Second: the Lilium team has a great deal of experience. They are really industry experts from all across aerospace. They’re also innovative and agile. I think we’re going to learn a lot from working with Lilium in this partnership together.










I’m Shyam Sankar, Palantir’s Chief Operating Officer.


Palantir builds operating systems for the modern enterprise, we help institutions bring intelligence to their decision making. We’re going to be working with Lilium across the full value chain to help them integrate data to more quickly develop, test and build these revolutionary e VTOL aircraft.





At Palantir, we’ve spent the last fifteen years and nearly three billion dollars in R&D, and we are so excited that Lilium’s going to be able to take advantage of all that investment to leapfrog as they reach maturity.


Palantir is going to help Lilium to build these aircraft in an entirely new way. To build it data first, and build that into the operations, the performance, the comfort, the safety and revolutionise actually how they manufacture and deliver these aircraft.


Personally, I could not be more excited to be working with Lilium, and the great folks there. A lot of these folks, including Yves, we have a lot of experience working in the trenches, solving problems together, in prior roles, and the chemistry was exciting, the collaboration was phenomenal, we look forward to doing that and so much more at Lilium.


Urban air mobility is iso exciting. It’s so rare to get the opportunity to participate in a potential transformation to how we all travel.









Ferrovial is a leading global infrastructure operator committed to designing and building the future of transfer and mobility through sustainable and innovative solutions.


We are determined to be a player in the future of urban air mobility and vertiports, providing our customers with the most innovative experience. This is why we partnered with Lilium, a leading company in the nascent ecosystem to jointly provide a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly mode of transport that will shorten distances and reduce time.


More than thirty professionals from Ferrovial in US, UK and Spain have been teaming with Lilium for more than three years to design the future of urban mobility. Our commitment and trust in the project drove us to take a direct stake in the company to participate in the urban air mobility revolution.


Our highly skilled team have already developed a strategic project, such as creating a network of vertiports in Florida. In addition, we expect to consolidate our relationship, forward in our plans beyond this first network in other areas like Europe and other US states.










My name is Matthias Spohr. I’m managing director of Lufthansa aviation training.


As a leading airline training organisation, Lufthansa Airline training is renowned for its high safety and quality standards, and appreciated for innovative training techniques. In this respect, we are glad to provide the expertise for training, development of competencies necessary to fulfil the needs for a new generation of pilots: those who fly the Lilium eVTOL jet.







For me it’s incredibly exciting to see these four companies joining Lilium as partners. It’s very exciting also because I know these companies, I’ve been working with these companies in my previous aerospace life and I know what they are able to deliver in terms of product, in terms of quality, in terms of processes. All four world beating companies in their different fields.


They are as inspired as Lilium is to become the global leaders in electric, vertical air mobility.










This physical model helps us fine tune our serial aircraft for our partners and future passengers.




What we tried here is to give a lot of space for the legroom. The moment when you take off and look out of our panoramic windows will be mind-blowing for you. Light brings our cabin to life. This whole fuselage is one is very safe and very comfortable space for you.





The whole concept of being in a large cabin with a lot of space…very open, very airy, it’ll be a great feeling.




What is really key to us is to reduce the visual noise in the cabin, in a premium aesthetic.




I would say the main reason we chose ducted fans from the very beginning is noise. You have none of the noise, none of these vibrations around you, and it will just make for a much more pleasant and pleasurable ride.


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